How Culture Influences Us At Work 4: People Interacting

The roles of men and how they should behave.

The roles of women and how they should behave.

The importance of harmony.

The importance of competition.

Social class system.

Hierarchy in business relationships.

The use of a third party.

Interaction between strangers.

How to interact with people in authority.

Crowd or audience behaviour.

The amount of socialising.

The role of the individual.

How decisions are taken.

How Culture Influences Us At Work 3: Communication

The language we speak.                    

What should be said, what should be left unsaid. 

What is appropriate “small talk”.

Whom we should speak to, whom we should not speak to.

Whether communication should be direct or indirect.

How much emotion should be expressed.

Whether conversation should be formal or informal – and where.

The meaning of facial expressions.

The meaning of hand gestures.

The meaning of nonverbal communication.

How often we smile, whom we smile at, and the meaning of a smile.

Negotiation styles.