How Culture Influences Us At Work 2: Beliefs & Values

What are worthwhile goals in life.

The importance of maintaining tradition.

Common sense.                                                          

Our needs for respect.

Whether privacy is desirable or not.

The need for plans and order.

How important good relationships are. 

How Culture Influences Us at Work 1: Etiquette & Behaviour

How we greet each other.

What’s considered common courtesy.                  

What’s considered impolite.                                        

How we show respect and disrespect.                       

What is embarrassing.                                                

What we find humorous.                                 

What is rude humour.                                            

Seating placement in a room.  

How closely we stand next to each other.

How we touch each other.

What we eat and how we eat.

The holidays we celebrate.

What we wear.

The division between home and work.