( Not Another ) Online Meeting

The day to day reality of global cooperation, virtual teams and remote management is the online meeting. Just the pinging of the “has joined the meeting” chorus is enough to drive anyone crazy. This video shows it all…..

Ironically, the key to having a good ( or reasonable ) meeting is to act as if people really are sitting in the room ……..

Global Success: Thought Leadership Article

It takes more than having customers all over the world to make a company global.

This article from the Harvard Business Review in October 2011 shows what it takes to be truly global in your operations and mindset.


How Culture Influences Us At Work 2: Beliefs & Values

What are worthwhile goals in life.

The importance of maintaining tradition.

Common sense.                                                          

Our needs for respect.

Whether privacy is desirable or not.

The need for plans and order.

How important good relationships are.