Presentation Design: The Latest Word

Has the world got it yet? Have we all got it that when it comes to presentations – and particularly PowerPoint – that less is more?

Less presentations

Less slides

Less text

Less stuff on the slides


More thought

More creativity

More images.

Here are the links to the sites of two of the design gurus who are spreading the word.

Nancy Duarte

Garr Reynolds

PowerPoint Basics

Make sure that your slides are not overloaded with information.

Make sure they are readable – font size and right colour.

Make them simple.

Reduce the amount of text on your slides.

Use images – PowerPoint is a visual medium.

Don’t overuse bullet points slides.

Use animation and sound effects very selectively.

Go for more white space.

Create interesting titles for your slides.

Consider when and if to hand out print-outs of your slides.

Remember in slideshow view you can use the B key to get a black screen

and press it again to bring the slide back. The same thing works with the W key

to get a white screen.



1. The 20 second rule.

 If an audience have not completely understood what the slide is trying to tell them within 20 seconds the slide may need changing!

2.The Squint Test.

If an audience has to squint to read a slide it needs changing.