Basic Skills 1: Presentation

12 Steps to a Knock-Out Presentation

1. Ask yourself two essential questions:

Question 1:  What do you really want to do  ?

Think of it like this. The audience is at point A and you need to get them to point B.

Question 2: What do you want them to say about you?

2. Ask yourself – What is on the audience’s minds?

3. Remember WIIFY ( What’s in it for you )

Think of the audience as saying “What’s In It For Me?

Consider the audience benefits and make sure you state them.

4. Consider your main message/s. This is essential.

5. Consider audience differences (age, background, culture, knowledge levels)

6. Now collect and collate your material with all of this in mind.

7. Design the opening & ending.

8. Consider the questions you will be asked.

9. NOW, put it all together.

10. Delete the unnecessary parts.

Go through steps 1 -3 again to check you are on track for the whole point of the presentation.

11. Rehearse and time yourself.

12. Prepare for their questions by writing a list of likely questions and your answers. Include the really tricky ones.

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