How To: Great Technical Presentation – Text Version

  • Remember that “Less is More” for everything -number of presentations, time spent presenting and slides.
  • Make sure every slide is really needed or delete it.
  • Present an outline.
  • Divide your presentation into clear segments.
  • Begin each segment with a concise overview.
  • End each segment with a summary message statement.


  •  For focus remember the guideline of three main points per slide.
  • Check for understanding often, remembering that in some cultures people are not happy to say they don’t understand in public. Get used to suggesting that you go over sections again explaining that people usually find this complex, and make sure there are plenty breaks when people can approach you individually.
  • Pause: Give people time to think, understand, and write.
  • Don’t just rely on PowerPoint for real information transfer.
  • Use handouts that you work through together, hands-on sessions, demonstrations, and other training methods to effect learning
  • Add as many incidents, personal stories, case studies etc, as you can for interest.
  • Do not forget a conclusion.

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