The New Boy/Girl

 How To: Introduce Yourself to a New Team


All beginnings are hard – so the saying goes. It is tricky to start any new job,   but moving to a new organisation  must be one of the most challenging    things to do in your working life. No one likes being the new boy/girl. You    know less about the place than the most junior person there about the day-   to-day stuff ( what do I do to get my laptop mended?) , you  inherit a team    you do not know and people who went for the job and didn’t get it may feel   resentful.


  • Be aware that emotions may run high particularly when people are brought in from outside the organisation.  Try to understand what your team may be thinking and feeling. This is a big change for them.
  • The organisation should do their best to set you up for success. Have your boss/ colleagues/appointment committee do an email intro and then introduce you personally the first time you meet the team.
  • Think what message your appointment is meant to convey and let that be a strong theme of how both the organisation and you  introduce yourself to the team.
  • Do not use first few team meetings to say how you are going to change things.Use the time to establish credibility and make connections!
  • Show humility and mention the existing achievements of the organisation, their previous boss and –  most importantly  – the team themselves.
  • Introduce yourself in terms of your values – both personal and professional and the achievements of which you are most proud.
  • Gain credibility by giving your strategic view of the industry and the company within it.
  • Despite everything, there may be conflict in the first year after your appointment. Stress from the start your approach is one of open and honest communication.

Look forward!  Do the above but then remind yourself that there will be a point six months from now – when you will be old news and things will be working well. 


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