Roadshows – What’s the (non) Deal ?


Roadshows are when you meet fund managers, analysts and other investors and try to present your company and promote your stock. The indicators that it is working are that they:



  • Monitor your stock
  • Join future earnings and conference calls
  • Come to your presentations
  • Meet you next time
  • Buy your stock

Looks like the investors have to make all the running. So what do you have to do to invest in the relationship?

At a recent CFO forum on IR here the magic number for meeting investors was at least 3 or 4 times a year with 7 – 8 times a year being suggested.

That’s a lot of plane trips for the average overworked CFO. But these days Investor Relations means just that: Relations with the Company Leadership – like the great team I was working with this week. One handshake and you get it that they can do the job.

Ah the human touch. Greeting, Talking, Eating. Spending Time with real people in a room.

Investors in the largest institutions are no different to anyone else. Despite all our technological toys no human heart ever warmed to the glow of a laptop screen.

Fly, My Beauties. Make friends and relations.

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