Global Working Checklist

Working in a global organisation means working across cultures.

 This checklist will make sure you are aware of the main differences in cultures in common working situations. 

It is useful to get you up to speed quickly when you work with a new culture for the first time or anytime!

Your Culture

New Culture

1. Do people use first names or last names when they first meet?
2. How important is punctuality? Does everything start exactly on time?
3. How important is the tone of the emails people write?
4. Do people work well together  before developing personal relationships?
5. How important is socialising and hospitality?
6.Would you expect jokes and humour in working situations?
7. Do people use laptops, check or answer their phones etc. in meetings?
8. Do the most important conversations take place in or out of meetings?
9. Is the style of speaking direct or indirect?
10. Does everyone-contribute equally or does the boss dominate?
11. Do people know much about your colleagues’ families?

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