Exhibition Excellence 3: Sensible Sales

Selling at trade shows and exhibitions uses a number of skills including probing, active listening, staying on message and persuading.

  • Probe  – to get the client to tell you what his real needs are
  • Listen –  to understand what he is looking for
  • Stay on message – to make sure he understand the real benefits you offer
  • Persuade – Deal with questions naturally but convincingly

Here are some of the ways to manage those essential selling conversations.

“Let me show you some of the benefits we offer.”

“Would you like me to demonstrate/explain this………… for you?”

“It will (only) take about 5/10 minutes.”

“This product/product name is very successful and I’d like to explain why.”

“What would you say is the biggest challenge you’re facing?”

“How have you addressed that issue in the past?”

“How have you been dealing with challenge of ………?”

Listen, then follow up: “That’s interesting. This is what we have done for other customers…”

“You’ve seen the demo/presentation etc. Which features  could help you in your business?”

“What feature DIDN’T you hear about that might be something you’d be interested in?”

“What is your timeline for buying this  type of product/solution/offering?”

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