Exhibition Excellence 2: Who are you Speaking to?

One of your main challenges on a booth is managing your time. The reason you are there is to market your company or its products or services efficiently. You also want to find out what your visitors’ needs are and make sure you give them what they need.

All of this means that you must find out who they are, what they need from you and how you can best help them – given your and their time constraints. This is the reason for the Qualifying step which is an essential part of all sales conversations. Here’s some of the language you may use to do that.

What field are you involved in?

Which company do you represent?

(look at nametag)

I see you work for ……………… Which country/division/department is that?

What kinds of things are you looking for at this show?

Great show so far. What have you seen that you’ve really liked?

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