Online Story Presence Courses

Learn How To Tell What’s Worth Telling

“People buy people” the adage goes. Yet many presentations lack the stories that make us.

In these online sessions we demonstrate the shortcuts to being really memorable through the stories you tell.  At its core is the belief that real leaders today entertain, engage and inspire by thinking about the events in their lives and organisations that need to be told.

being your brand; the room as your platform; energy; personality; buzz in the room; tough empathy;being memorable; revealing your differences selectively; stand out; change minds; fascinating insights; content that connects


Online One-to-One Sessions of one and half hours each



We use Skype, Google + or Webex. All you need is a computer and/or phone.

Session 1: Your Story

What you want to get out of these sessions

Why Story Works

Great Examples

Tips to apply immediately

Session 2:Your Style

Analysis of current style

Nice Guy, Technical Specialist, Control Freak or Dreamer?

Pushing your personal envelope – developing a more vital story style

Session 3: Creating Stories


How to create great stories

Using descriptors


What to leave in, what to leave out

 Session 4: Story Magic

Using the room as your theater

Engagement – how does it happen

Analysis of different impact of storytelling on the audience

Conveying your energy

Session 5: Killer Technique

Build ups


Machine Gunning

Attention Uppers

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Each session lasts 1 hour 30 minutes

One Session      USD 280.00

Five Sessions    USD 1100.00

Ten Sessions    USD  2600.00

Pay below with PayPal or contact us for invoicing arrangements at

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